Following our last collection of cool photographic accessories you might never have considered, here are nine more unusual accessories that would make worthy additions to your kit bag...

1. The Weye Feye

Controlling your DSLR via your smartphone is all the rage right now. The Weye Feye, however, is undoubtedly the most sophisticated of smartphone/camera connection tools. Generating its own 802.11n Wi-fi network, the Weye gives you 80m of reach between smartphone and camera, allowing you to adjust aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus and other settings with just 0.2sec of latency. With a Live View function and compatibility with a host of widely used apps like Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram and more, it’s as easy to construct a lightning-fast digital workflow as it is to get a shot without touching your camera. £195 from Amazon.

2. Rogue FlashBender

Rogue have come up with a unique system of light modification with the FlashBender, a malleable reflector that can be bent into a huge range of positions to modify light from shoe-mount flash in exactly the way you want. It’s as useful off-camera as it is on, and can even be rolled up and fashioned into a snoot. A clever idea, well executed, and it’s available at a decent price these days too. Large version £26.95 from Park Cameras.

3. Apex Bean Bag

The humble bean bag is a little unsung in the accessory world, but it’s such a simple, light and portable support that it seems silly not to at least carry one. The Apex Bean Bag is a very clever version of the traditional product that does something simple but astoundingly effective – comes with an optional insert that allows you to attach a ball head or gimbal head securely onto it. Brilliant. Though not exactly cheap. £119.99 from Wex.

4. Westcott Ice Light

The Ice Light is a fantastically portable continuous, colour-balanced, daylight light source that’s perfect to throw into portraits at a moment’s notice. Powered by Lithium-ion batteries, it’s capable of lasting up to sixty minutes on full power, and its LED panel combined with a diffused front face offers a great wraparound light source. £399 from Wex.

5. Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 trigger

What’s better than a remote trigger? A four-channel, four-group remote trigger that gives you complete unified control over all your studio lights and flash units as well as the shutter of your camera. The Phottix Strato II also comes with a pass-through hotshoe that allows full TTL mode to be used with camera-mounted flash. £99.99 from Park Cameras.

6. Stealth Gear Photographers’ Jacket

If you’re going to get
yourself a jacket, it might as well be one designed specifically for
photographers. Stealth Gear are pretty much the last word in this
regard, with the legendary Extreme Photographers Jacket. Expandable
pockets with lens-protecting padding, CF memory card holders, a good
thick lining and so much more, it’s possibly the heaviest jacket ever
devised by man but it’s everything you need to keep hold of your
photographic gear and keep warm at the same time. £259.95 from Marchwood

7. North Face Etip gloves

in the vein of keeping warm, gloves are a practical necessity in the
cold and damp but can make it infernally difficult to operate a camera,
especially given the rise and rise of touchscreens everywhere. The Etip
gloves from Northface are made with a conductive surface that allows you
to operate a touchscreen without removing them, and their thin but
warming material strikes a good balance between keeping the hands warm
and maintaining dexterity. £30 from North Face.

8. Hahnel ProCube Charger

A comprehensive battery charger for DSLR users, the Hahnel ProCube is a versatile solution that you can use to charge either two DSLR batteries or four AA batteries simultaneously. It’s compatible with the Canon E6 and E8 batteries and the Nikon EL14 and EL15, and it’s got an LCD on the front that gives you charge readouts. £59.54 from Amazon.

9. XSories U-Charge

Another charging upgrade, the XSories U-Charge allows you to power up two USB devices at the same time, and a huge range of adapters should make it compatible with all your devices. Take the first step towards simplifying your tangle of cables. £22.99 from Surfdome.