Dual lens camera captures 3D images that can be seen without special glasses

This is the World’s first three dimensional digital imaging system that lets you view 3D images and video without needing to wear special glasses. The Fuji FinePix Real 3D W1 features a newly developed ‘Real 3D lens System’ using two lenses with 3x optical zoom to layer two images together, processed using the new Real Photo Processor 3D. These 3D images/videos can be viewed in all their glory on the rear 2D/3D LCD monitor, on the new FinePix Real 3D V1 8in photoviewer, or printed onto special lenticular paper. The camera also allows a range of creative controls to fine tune the 3D effect and interval shooting to allow you to take shots from different viewpoints. There’s also a range of 2D possiblities such as simultaneous tele and wide shots, dual sensitivities, and dual colours. 


 Fuji 3D camera

Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1

Main Features
– Capture and enjoy realistic 3D stills and movies
– Take 3D telephoto and macro shots with 3D Advanced 3D Mode
– Standard 2D photographs can also be taken, just like on conventional digital cameras
– Dual Capture Shooting Mode lets you simultaneously take two shots at different settings
– Featuring the 3D LCD system, allowing 3D images to be viewed live whilst shooting
– Cutting edge design and the very latest, pioneering technology

Fuji 3D viewer


FinePix Real 3D V1

8.0 inch 3D Picture viewer that allows you to enjoy 3D images on a high resolution screen.
The 8.0-inch 3D Picture Viewer “FinePix Real 3D V1” features Fujifilm’s newly developed 3D/2D display 8.0-inch LCD panel, which allows users to enjoy and playback 3D images without needing to wear special 3D glasses. Insert a SD memory card on to which 3D images have been saved, and enjoy a 3D slideshow just by switching on the power. If the “Disparity Adjustment Function” is used, you can adjust the 3D effect on the viewer manually.

Key Features

– 8in 3D picture viewer
– Supports playback of natural 3D stills and movies
– 3D/2D LCD panel with 480,000 dots (800 x 600 dots)
– Easy-to-use touch operation
– Transfer images to other devices; SD/SDHC cards, Real 3D camera, and also your computer via      USB or via high speed infrared communication.

3D Prints

Through the use of lenticular sheets Fuji have the ability to produce stunning high resolution 3D images. The process involves the 3D image data being integrated using advanced technology and projected through a lenticular sheet lens to produce an image with binocular disparity.
“Fujifilm will be launching a print service to the purchasers of the 3-D camera as a direct service from Fujifilm because of the newness and complexity of the print system” explained Adrian Clarke, Director of Digital Imaging. He continued, “Whilst volume from the uptake of 3D camera users is so small, it doesn’t make sense to commercialise the print system yet. Once Fujifilm can provide a sustainable market demand for 3D prints and other services, the company will be able to consider print production devices for the wider processing industry”.

Availability & pricing
The FinePix Real 3D W1 and FinePix Real 3D V1 will be available from September 2009 Pricing will be announced nearer to the date of the launch.

For information please visit the Fujifilm website or call 0870 084 1310