Next time someone describes a newly released camera as 'boxy' or 'uninspired', just remember: it could be worse. It could be so much worse...

1. Fujifilm Q1 digital

Not to be confused with the more recent (and rather good) XQ1, Fujifilm unleashed this sporty number upon an unprepared world back in 2003. A digital version of a concept that had previously been loaded with APS film cartridges, the Q1 managed to combine minimal functionality with the smooth, classic cool of a Tamagotchi.

2. Pentax K-01

The brainchild of Australian designer Marc Newson, the boxy Pentax K-01 certainly looked distinctive but simply failed to catch the imaginations of, as far as we can tell, anyone. It was discontinued in early 2013, less than a year after its release.

3. Casio QV-2900UX

Casio’s attempt at the rotating zoom lens premiered back in 2001. There really is nothing good to be said about this deformed, plasticky horrorshow.

4. Pentax K-r Bonnie Pink

It does seem harsh to include Pentax twice but, well, look at it. ‘Bonnie Pink’ is the name of a Japanese singer-songwriter who apparently endorsed this recolouring of the (otherwise fine) Pentax K-r in return for having her logo slapped onto the startup screen. The fact that the colour scheme makes the camera physically painful to look at seems to have occurred to no-one of consequence.

5. Kodak DC40

You have to give Kodak some props for being among the frontrunners of digital cameras – the DC40 was released in 1995. This does not, however, make it any more pleasant to look at.

6. Samsung PL120

Gimmicky selfie cameras have been attempted for longer than you might think – this dual-screened number from Samsung debuted three years ago. It’s not quite as doglike as many of the others on this list, but the lacklustre design combined with that postage-stamp screen does no-one in the world any favours at all.