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What camera should I buy?

What digital camera should I buy?

In the market for a new camera but confused about what digital camera is the right one for you? Let the experts at What Digital Camera help with your decision...

Bridge cameras - HS50

The WDC Guide to Bridge Cameras

What is a bridge camera, and should you buy one? Our complete guide to bridge cameras (aka superzooms or ultrazooms) has the answers.

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Essential Guide to Image Stabilisation

Image stabilisation systems can make a significant difference to the sharpness of your images. We explain how they work – and when you shouldn’t use them...


Essential Guide to Sensors

They’re at the heart of every digital camera, yet for some people they remain shrouded in mystery. Our guide explains all you need to know about sensors...


Essential Guide to Tablets

Tablets aren’t just a convenient way to store, carry and view your photos with;
they’re also a gateway to hundreds of useful photography apps and much more…

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Essential Guide to Camera Triggers

Need a cable or remote release for your DSLR? We reveal their uses and what’s available to you...

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Essential guide to Free Photography Software

Want to organise and edit your photos like a pro, but can’t afford the upfront cost of Lightroom or Photoshop? We reveal what the web has to offer for free...

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Essential Guide to Wideangle Lenses

Need a wider lens to squeeze more in the frame? We uncover your wideangle lens options...

Wi-fi cameras

Wi-fi cameras - The future of connectivity

We look at how Wi-fi camera technology is changing the way we link a camera to a computer, TV and mobile devices

Tripod Heads

Buyer's Guide to Tripods - video guide

Unsure of which tripod is best for you? What Digital Camera's Editor, Nigel Atherton, talks through the different options available

Best Cameras

Digital Camera Advice: Choosing the Best Camera - video guide

Are you perplexed by all the different types of cameras and unsure of what's best for your needs? In these videos, What Digital Camera's Editor, Nigel Atherton, explains what to look for and which...

Camera selector

Help buying a camera - What camera to buy for your needs

Need help choosing a what camera to buy? Use our easy to use camera selector tool.

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