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Canon 500D product shot

Choosing a Second Hand Camera

If you'd happy to purchase a camera that's had one or more previous owners you could well pick up a bargain. Take a look at our guide to choosing a second hand camera help you pick out a gem

Five-Way DSLR Group Test

Choosing a DSLR

DSLRs may seem complex, expensive and bulky, but there are good reasons for novices to choose them over other types of camera. Find out more in our guide to choosing a DSLR

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Choosing a compact system camera

Also known as Micro System Cameras, the newest system to enter the digital camera market, the compact system camera, offers an impressive combination of compact size and removable lenses. We offer...

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T700

Choosing a Compact Camera

Everything you need to know to help you make the right choice when choosing a compact camera

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Choosing a Lens

Everything you need to know when buying a new lens

Camera price buster: guide for getting a bargain

Tips to getting the most for your money when spending on photography equipment with our camera price buster guide to buying photography equipment

Choosing a Flashgun

Everything you need to make the right flash choice when choosing a flashgun for our digital SLR

Complete Guide To Choosing Lenses

Essential guide to lenses

So you’ve got your DSLR – which lens should you buy next? Read our essential guide to lenses to understand all the options

Calumet 7100 & 7300 tripods

Choosing a Tripod

Whether you’re shooting landscapes or the kids in your front room, if your camera isn’t held steady, you’re going to get blurred images. The best solution is a tripod or monopod, and to help you...

Save money on your photography and camera equipment

Photography needn't be prohibitively expensive – here are 12 ways to save money on your photography and camera equipment

What camera should I buy?

What digital camera should I buy?

In the market for a new camera but confused about what digital camera is the right one for you? Let the experts at What Digital Camera help with your decision...

Bridge cameras - HS50

The WDC Guide to Bridge Cameras

What is a bridge camera, and should you buy one? Our complete guide to bridge cameras (aka superzooms or ultrazooms) has the answers.

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