Expanding flash memory a saviour of today’s digital world…

Upon digging through a cupboard of old bits and bobs to clear out of the office, I stumbled across a CF card. Upon first look it seemed to be a reasonable 8GB, but on closer inspection, and to my dismay, it became apparent that the ‘G’ was, in fact, an ‘M’… Yup, I’d stumbled upon a next-to-useless 8MB CompactFlash card.

It really makes you think of the advances in memory, and how it’s changing the way things work. What with SanDisk and Lexar offering ultra-fast 600x cards, the former up to a huge 64GB capacity, and advances in Samsung’s recent cards offering waterproof, magnet-proof and crush-proof protection, it’s all up. Plus, and literally just around the corner, is the possibility of 2TB cards being available really rather soon. That’s two terabytes in one tiny SDXC card.

Will it be the fact that, in the not so distant future, we’ll run a huge array of files, programs and the like from portable flash memory, rather than cumbersome hard drives, breakable Blu-rays, DVDs or the like?

As boring as memory may indeed appear to many, it’s a darn sight useful. I just realised that it really ought not be taken for granted.