A sideways look at what to expect

As made official by Adobe recently, Monday 12th April will see the launch of the latest incarnation of Photoshop – CS5. The new software is one of the most anticipated of recent releases, and promises advances in image editing – and the image editing work-flow, provided by a range of software improvements and new features.

One of the features creating the most amount of interest is the new ‘Content-Aware Fill’ tool. As part of the healing and cloning family, Content-Aware Fill allows users to either seamlessly remove elements of the image which may have otherwise been troublesome, or to fill in empty face to complete an image (as you can see in this preview video).

The magical properties of Content-Aware fill have left many amazed – so much so that a host of parodies have begun appearing across the net. Here’s the best we’ve found so far, and we’re looking forward to see it’s introduction in the beta for CS6…