Nero has announced the latest version of the PC-only Multimedia Suite 10, which offers users the ability to import, edit and export files from a wide variety of sources. This incarnation also features a radically overhauled interface and Windows 7-specific features.
The StartSmart utility simplifies the language, giving users five options of how to get started. By basing these choices within the likes of Video and Photo and Music the beginner should know immediately where to click. There’s also a powerful media player, which also holds a number of editing tools for both photo and video. The files can then be organized into a slideshow and exported to a number of devices, including a Blu-Ray disc.
Windows 7 supports the likes of enhanced toolbar playback functions, which display the album art and current track when the program is minimized while playing music. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 is available now for £59. More information is at

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