DIY mad-hatter-style iPhone modified with DSLR lens...

iPhone camera not good enough for your needs? Then why not try out Bhautik Joshi‘s (aka ‘captain nod‘) Phone-O-Scope – an iPhone modified with a DSLR lens.


Apple iPhone-O-Scope DSLR lens modification


Ok, so it’s unlikely to catch on, and you’re certainly not going to find it in your local Apple store, but hats off for trying. It’s not going to score big on the image quality front either, but, to a certain degree, this mad-professor-style contraption does actually work, not that I’ve got around to building one yet. My vision would be to make one with a 500mm on the front, though I think that’s even less likely to catch on… But at least it’d raise a smile.

Check out the full Flickr stream of step by step construction