We put two flagship bridge cameras head to head to see which wins the specifications war in this Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III comparison

Back at Photokina, Panasonic announced a new top-of-the-line bridge camera in the shape of the FZ2000. It follows on from the very well received FZ1000, bringing with it a host of new features. It’s also a very strong competitor for Sony’s also excellent RX10 III. We take a look at how the two cameras stack up against each other.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: Sensor

Panasonic FZ2000 drive mode dial

Both the cameras feature a one-inch sensor, a very popular sensor kind for premium compact and bridge cameras. Both are also 20.1MP resolution which should give you plenty of scope for both detail and should you need to crop an image. The Sony has a “stacked” sensor design, which promises better image quality than conventional sensor designs.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: Lens

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III top

Sadly for Panasonic, in this area the Sony is the clear winner. It has a 25x optical zoom, offering a very versatile 24-600mm in 35mm terms, with a respectable maximum aperture range of f/2.8 – 4. It comprises of 18 elements in 13 groups. That’s not to say that Panasonic’s offering is bad – with a 20x optical zoom (24-480mm) at f/2.8-f/4.5, there’s still plenty of versatility – just not quite so much.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: Video

The FZ2000 is an SLR-style bridge camera with impressive video capabilities

The FZ2000 is an SLR-style bridge camera with impressive video capabilities

Panasonic was keen to push the video specs of the FZ2000 upon release, suggesting that the bridge camera is a tool that can be enjoyed by both videographers and photographers. To that end it offers unlimited 4K video recording. Similarly, the Sony offers 4K with full pixel read out – it’s a close call when it comes to video.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: Screen

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III back

While both cameras offer a three-inch screen, it’s a game of swings and roundabouts when it comes to individual specifications. The Sony’s screen is higher resolution at 1,228,800 compared with Panasonic’s 1040k-dot offering. However, while the Sony’s tilts, the Panasonic’s is fully articulating and is touch-sensitive – we’d say this means that Panasonic’s just has the edge.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: Viewfinder

Panasonic FZ2000 controls

The two cameras are very evenly matched when it comes to the viewfinder. Both have 2360k-dot resolutions, and both offer 0.7x magnification. Both also have a sensor which switches on the viewfinder automatically when you lift the camera to your eye.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: battery life

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III side on

When it comes to battery life, Sony manages to pip Panasonic to the post offering 420 shots compared with 350. That said, it may be worth investing in a second battery for both of these cameras.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: dimensions and weight

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2000

The FZ2000 looks to be a very impressive camera

While the Panasonic is ever so slightly larger than the Sony, it somehow manages to be a touch lighter. Neither of them are particularly lightweight, but of course if you compare carrying one of these to carrying a DSLR with a range of lenses, you’ve got a significant size and weight saving.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: price

Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III front

Here’s where there’s another marked difference. You can pick up the Sony RX10 III for around £1,546 – a hefty investment. By contrast, the FZ2000 will be almost £500 cheaper, retailing for around £1,099. Still not cheap, by any stretch, but a significant saving none-the-less.

Panasonic FZ2000 vs Sony RX10 III: conclusion

It’s a tough call between these two cameras. On the surface, Sony appears to just about take the lead with the extra zoom, and slightly better battery life. But the Panasonic is very closely matched, offering a better screen and other appealing features such as 4K Photo – not to mention a price which is markedly cheaper.

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