Some predictions of new cameras which may be announced this year at the world’s biggest camera trade show

Every two years, Photokina takes place in Cologne. It’s the world’s biggest camera technology show, and it’s often the place that manufacturers showcase new products, some of which may be announced while the show itself takes place.

Although there’s no way to know for sure what will be announced, if we look at existing product line-ups and see which cameras have been around for a little while, we can take an educated guess at which may be revealed at the show.

Here’s a little stab at five possibilities..

Canon 6D Mark II

Possible replacement for: Canon EOS 6D (announced 2012).


Now that the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV has been announced, the next full-framer in the cross hairs is likely to be the 6D. Canon’s “entry level” full-frame camera has been around for four years now, and could really do with being updated.

As the cameras at the higher end of the line-up have been announced, some of that technology may trickle down into something which is aimed more squarely at consumers – many of whom will be visiting the show.

When it comes to specs, it’s likely we’d see an updated AF system, a touch-sensitive screen, an increase in resolution, better low-light performance, and possibly even the dual pixel raw technology as found in the 5D Mark IV.

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Nikon D820

Possible replacement for: Nikon D810 (announced 2014)


When one of the big two camera companies announces a new model, the other one isn’t usually far behind. Now that Canon has outed the 5D Mark IV, it  stands to reason that the D820 won’t be too far behind as it occupies the same kind of space in the market and the D810 has been around for a couple of years.

Again, it seems likely that the D820 would inherit some of the excellent technologies from the professional flagship D5, as well as some from the appealing D500 – Nikon’s prosumer APS-C camera.

Therefore, it’s likely that the D820 would include super high ISO capabilities, a touch-sensitive screen, inbuilt Wi-Fi and fantastic autofocusing.

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Panasonic LX200

Possible replacement for: Panasonic LX100 (announced 2014)


Panasonic’s Four Thirds compact camera has proven very popular with critics. It places a large Four Thirds sensor inside a very compact body, making it a great travel camera.

But it’s a couple of years old now, with the LX100 being announced around about the last Photokina. Now would be the perfect time for an announcement to be revealed, with some of Panasonic’s latest technology.

So that include a sensor without an anti-aliasing filter for increased detail resolution, just like the sensor found in the Panasonic GX80. It could also include a touch-sensitive screen (which perhaps tilts), inbuilt Wi-Fi, a higher resolution sensor, and perhaps an improved viewfinder.

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Fuji X100F

Possible replacement for: Fuji X100T (announced 2014)


Another camera that was brought out around the time of the last Photokina, Fuji’s gorgeously retro premium X100 model is ripe for an upgrade.

We’ve called it the X100F in this piece because of how naming conventions for Fuji have worked so far, first we had the X100, then the X100S (Second), then the X100T (Third). So perhaps the new one will be called the X100F (Fourth).

Fuji could bring across some of the fantastic AF technology from its latest X-T2 camera, it could make the screen touch-sensitive, and it could allow charging in-camera, just like the Fuji X70.

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Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

Possible replacement for: Olympus OM-D E-M1 (announced 2013)


The camera which sits at the top of Olympus’ line-up of compact system cameras is three years old now, making it definitely prime for upgrade.

Olympus has released several CSCs since the E-M1 made its debut, so there’s plenty of existing tech to draw on, and as it’ll sit at the top of the line, we may also see something completely new.

At the very least, it seems likely we’ll see a High Resolution mode, 4K video, an improved AF system and probably an improved viewfinder. If we’re lucky, we may also see some new lenses from Olympus at Photokina.

Of course there’s likely to be some other models making their debut at Photokina, and we’ll be there to bring you the latest action from the show floor. Photokina runs from 20 – 25 September, with new announcements likely to be made at press day on the 19 September. Watch this space!

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