Review of the Zeeion Anti Static Blower

Manufacturer: Zeeion
Model: Anti Static Blower
Price: £40

Here at WDC, we use our rocket blowers for cleaning out just about anything with a tendency to gather dust. Sensors, lenses, computer keyboards – all with great effect. So naturally, when Visible Dust announced an innovative alternative, we were keen to examine whether the time had come to upgrade.

The Zeeion Anti Static Blowerʼs main selling point is its construction: a silicon RX compound with anti-static properties is used for its body, which, unlike ordinary rubber blowers, allows it to blow out opposite charges of air molecules in order to neutralise the static charge. Static, as we know, attracts dust, for which reason DSLR sensor constructions have long used anti-static coatings to minimise any adhesion.

A one-way valve and an outlet filter sit at the top of the chamber, respectively preventing dust intake when the chamber expands and blowing out dust-free air. For the same purpose another pair sit at the base of the unit, while the tip has been coated in the same material as the body, to prevent it from damaging anything delicate it should come in contact with.

In use, the blower draws no visible dust when filling back up with air, and delivers a good burst of air to clear dust away. Understandably, the two valves slow down air drawing back into the device, meaning that you canʼt work quite as quickly than with standard rubber counterparts (though, theoretically, you shouldnʼt need to put in as much effort).

So the unit does what it should and it does it well, but its necessity is questionable. After all, sensor-based dust-removal mechanisms have come so far over the years that every new DSLR features one. And should you need a more thorough clean, direct applications stand a much better chance of removing particularly stubborn debris.

Does what it should

Very expensive for what it is

Our Verdict:
If youʼre apprehensive about coming into direct contact with your cameraʼs sensor then thatʼs what these products are here for, but as it stands, the Zeeion Anti-Static Blower is a rather pricey, if innovative, solution to a rapidly diminishing problem. MG

What Digital Camera Score: 76%