Review of the Lastolite 2408 Flash bracket

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: 2408 Flash bracket
Price: £60

Using a flash gun off-camera is gerenally better than putting it on the hotshoe, especially if you can find a versatile bracket that offers some height extension. This new Lastolite model offers that and more. Its crowning glory is the ability to flip the camera from landscape to portrait format without moving the flash position, which it achieves via a vertical rail on which the base plate slides up and down.

The quick-release plate that fixes to the camera can slide along the base plate for horizontal positioning, and there are two levels of vertical extension from the grip. The flash-shoe on the top can also be replaced with a spigot attachment if preferred.

Well made, good for vertical/horizontal shooting

No tilt functionality

Our Verdict:
This is a clever, well-made device thatʼs robust enough for professional use – as youʼd expect for £60.

What Digital Camera Score: 85%