Review of the Transcend JF220 Flash Drive

Manufacturer: Transcend
Model: JF220 Flash Drive
Price: £20

The Transcend JF220 USB drive no only has fingerprint recognition technology, but it has a few nifty features on the inside, too.

The Website Auto-Login function automatically logs you into websites where you have a registered account, while a facility to store you ‘Favourites’ folders from an Internet Explorer browser also exists.

The supplied software is primitive and can be a little awkward but it doesn’t take long to set up the security side of things.

Users of Windows 2000, XP and Vista benefit from driverless functionality, although there’s no support for Mac systems.

Also, the recent price drop of USB flash devices makes its £20 price tag a little dear, but if you’re to use its features and security then it’s not so bad.

A little pricey but the fingerprint recognition technology and Website Auto-Login means it’s definitely worth a look

Interesting features, security

A little expensive

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