Review of the The Vested Interest Xtrahand Magnum Vest

Manufacturer: The Vested Interest
Model: Xtrahand Magnum Vest
Price: £150

I have used this model for the past 12 years, principally to carry gear on to aircraft. Made by a parachute manufacturer, it is a tough, utilitarian nylon mesh design with bulky, adequately padded pockets at the right height.

The collar has been designed to divert weight away from the nape of the wearer’s neck, decreasing strain. In film days, I used to fit 50 or 60 rolls of film into the rear cargo pocket; today I use it to carry the lead acid battery pack for my Lumedyne flash.

Two detachable padded pockets (70-200mm f/2.8 size) fit behind the main cargo pockets but are inclined to get in the way of your arms. I normally wear this vest under my regular Gore-Tex jacket, rather than advertise it too openly.

Our Verdict:
If you have a good waterproof and fleece already, look at the Xtrahand as your first choice.

What Digital Camera Score: 90%