Our book review of The Eyes Of The Jungle in Hardback by Thorsten Milse and Uta Henschel

Title: The Eyes Of The Jungle

Author: Thorsten Milse and UtaHenschel

ISBN: 3765816590

Publisher: Bucher

Edition: Hardback

RRP: £35

Dimensions: 200 pages, 31.6 x 29.8 x 2.6 cm

One of the most puzzling aspects of tiger predatory behaviour is why tigers do not kill far more people than they do.’ This statement, made by prominent scientist and tiger expert John Seidensticker, describes just one of the mystical characteristics of one of the true beasts of our time.

The Eyes of the Jungle is part photo essay, part biography of the lives of the 25 tigers that reside in the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in the heart of India. The title, from acclaimed photographer Thorsten Milse and science writer Uta Henschel, examines the lives of these captivating animals in their own habitat, far removed from the false landscaping and thick glass of zoological captivity. Images consider not only the tiger, but the broad range of wildlife cohabiting the reserve, ultimately under the rule of this king of the jungle.

The accompanying text is split into three chapters, covering the tiger’s habitat, its ferocious reputation and its status as an endangered animal. The title finishes with several small sections providing background information on both the animals and, most usefully, an extended section ‘from the photographer’s notebook’, in which Milse and Henschel describe the gear and techniques they use to capture their wildlife images – useful information for anyone planning to go on safari, or looking to take their wildlife photography to the next level.

  What Digital Camera Rating: 86%