WDC regular John Freeman’s book is aimed at the intermediate photographer

Title: The Photographer’s Guide To Black And White

Author: John Freeman

ISBN: 1843401789

Publisher: Collins & Brown

Edition: Paperback

Review: What Digital Camera regular John Freeman’s latest tome is the first in a series of inspirational volumes aimed at the intermediate photographer. While the series as a whole will cover a veritable who’s who and what’s what in photography, this initial volume centres on the enduring popularity and skills of black and white photography. Split into key topic sections, Freeman sumarises common subjects such as landscapes and portraits skilfully, before moving on to take a more in-depth technical look at key creative disciplines in that genre.

It’s a logical and well-ordered approach that enables the author to provide practical coaching on this classic branch of photography. Each subject is accompanied by inspirational pictures from Freeman’s own portfolio, which in turn add a personal and practical insight into the planning of successful black and white pictures. Accessible text combined with high-quality images make this a good-value book that’ll not only help inexperienced photographers achieve greater results, but also make a highly attractive addition to coffee tables across the land.