Created by WDC staff Nigel Atherton and Steve Crabb, A to Z... this book bypass jargon for an approachable read

Title: A to Z of Digital Photography People & Portraits

Author: Nigel Atherton & Steve Crabb

ISBN: 288479087X

Publisher: Thames And Hudson

Edition: Paperback

Review: Created by WDC staff Nigel Atherton and Steve Crabb, A to Z… is a sequel title to 2004’s An Illustrated A to Z of Digital Photography, focusing on the technical and creative considerations surrounding the world’s number one photographic subject matter. Spread across 176 tip-packed pages, there’s plenty to get your teeth into: from standard lighting and compositional considerations through to the challenges posed by more specialist disciplines such as environmental portraiture and glamour photography.

Digital workflow is emphasised at all stages, reflecting not only the technical issues relating to ditching film, but also the world of editing possibilities that has opened up to users of digital cameras. Through a modern and clean layout with over 100 high-quality images, A to Z… bypasses jargon to offer a well-rounded and approachable guide that provides plenty of inspiration for beginners without alienating more experienced photographers.

The A-Z format brings a logical order to what is an inherently multi-faceted subject genre, which therefore recommends the book as a desktop reference.