Our book review of Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe in Paperback by Robin Kerrod & Carole Stott

Title: Hubble: The Mirror on the Universe

Author: Robin Kerrod, Carole Stott

ISBN: 0715329235

Publisher: David & Charles PLC

Edition: Paperback

RRP: £12.99

Dimensions: 192 pages, 27.6 x 22.8 x 1.4 cm

Hubble – The Mirror on the Universe documents the space telescope Hubble – a telescope that has helped mankind gain a fascinating insight to the mysteries of the universe. The title pairs stunning imagery captured from the telescope itself with indepth captions and explanations on what exactly the image is of, be it Big Bang or Black Hole.

In fact, Hubble – The Mirror on the Universe isn’t really just about Hubble, and serves as an introduction to astronomy in general. As a result, the title will appeal to those without grounding in the subject, thanks to its explanatory nature and demystifying tone (coupled with the helpful glossary!). The Landmarks in Astronomy section at the back is also an interesting read, dating discoveries back to 585BC.

To try to comprehend the infinitesimal and ever-expanding universe is a challenge for even the greatest minds, so to be able to apply a medium that one is familiar with – photography in this instance – is useful. And while, at first glance, some of the images may appear like little more than coloured dots on a piece of paper, the accompanying text, complete with references to light years and nebulas, succeeds in bringing them to life.

 What Digital Camera Rating: 86%