Review of the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot K810i mobile phone

Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson
Model: Cyber-shot K810i
Price: £259 Off contract

The K810i is a heady mix of mobile phone, music player, games machine, internet device (using 3G) and, as the Cyber-shot name suggests, it’s a digital camera too.

Looking much more like a conventional mobile phone, we instantly got to grips with the K810i’s interface, and the combination of ‘simple’ graphic menus and easy-to-operate buttons beats the complexity of other phones hands down.

However, as a camera it isn’t quite so hot.

On the spec side of things it’s ‘only’ got a 3.2MP resolution camera, the LCD screen is small and suffers from a slow refresh rate, and the camera controls are a little less ‘camera-ry’ – the K810i is much more like a phone with a camera bolted on than a camera that can make phone calls.

There’s an appalling delay between pressing the shutter button and taking a picture, and a similar lack of detail in the images. However, like Cyber-shot cameras of old the colours are well saturated, producing bright and cheerful, eye-catching images, and exposures are good.

A phone with camera capabilities but the snapping is still not up to scratch

The interface and easy-to-operate buttons

The shutter delay and lack of detail in the pics

What Digital Camera Score: 80%