Review of the Braun DigiFrame 1020

Manufacturer: Braun
Model: DigiFrame 1020
Price: £150

At a size of 10.2in, the Braun DigiFrame 1020 is certainly big, and its plain black surround will offset any image. Yet as nice as it looks, the high-gloss front surface of the frame throws off reflections at any angle and is easily marked by fingerprints. The build quality – especially the controls on the back – is a bit ‘plasticky’ too.

However, compatibility isn’t an issue, with the DigiFrame 1020 offering card slots for all the popular media cards and the option to plug in a portable USB flash drive. Images can be copied to the 128MB of internal memory too, so you can keep your favourites stored and ready for display.

Despite a 10in screen size, the display itself is a modest 800×480 pixels (the 8in option has 800×600 pixels), but viewed from an ‘average’ distance, image quality isn’t too bad, although diagonal lines can start to look a little jagged. In terms of colour there are no complaints, with natural-looking results that are neither too saturated nor too high in contrast. The viewing angle is also respectable, with the reflections from the glossy surface likely to hamper the viewing experience more than the screen itself.

Screen size: 10.2in diagonal (16:9 ratio)
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Internal memory: 128MB
Card slots: CF / SD / MS
Picture format: JPEG
Movie format: MPEG
Music format: MP3
Wall mountable: Yes (Landscape)
Free-standing: Yes
Remote control: Yes
Power: Mains only

Offers decent image quality and is compatible with all media cards.

Large screen size, natural looking colour

Overly reflective frame

What Digital Camera Score: 83%