Review of the Slik Pro 330DX tripod and SH-705E head

Manufacturer: Slik
Model: Pro 330DX /SH-705E head
Price: £139.99 (inc head)

With three leg sections the Slik Pro330DX isn’t quite as compact as the Giottos GB1140 and nor is it as light, however it isn’t that far behind in both stakes and is certainly a lot more stable. Up to its maximum height it’s happy with a DSLR and standard-to-wide zoom on top, and it’s only when you extend the central column that things get a little wobbly. Even then it isn’t too bad and the only real disappointment is the small, plastic leg locks.

The wide, flat handles on the three-way SH-705E head are very easy to operate, and the head action is as smooth as it needs to be. You don’t get a bubble-level, which is a shame, but ultimately the head does its job.

Max. Height: 123cm
Min. Height: 55cm
Folded Length: 66cm
Leg Sections: 3
Head: Remove
Weight (inc head): 2.0kg
Max. Load: 5.0kg
Bubble Level: No
Quick Release: Yes
Hook: No
Case: No

A competent combo offering a stable, sturdy plaform for DSLR users.

Stable, even at maximum reach

Plastic leg locks

What Digital Camera Score: 86%