Review of the Giottos GB1140 / MH1002 head

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: GB1140 / MH1002 head
Price: £99 (inc head

The Giottos is one of the lightest tripods weve tested, but this comes at a price – in terms of stability as well as monetary. The bottom leg section is only a little thicker than a pencil, so flexes quite a bit and it won’t hold a DSLR steady in windy conditions.

You also need to ensure that the twisting leg locks are as tight as you can get them, in order to avoid ‘slippage’. However, if you don’t use it at maximum height the GB1140 is undoubtedly the perfect size and weight for the roving outdoor photographer.

The MH1002 ball-head is compact and light. When released the ball moves freely (a little too freely for our liking) but it will hold a DSLR and modest zoom.

Max. Height: 143cm
Min. Height: 44cm
Folded Length: 47cm
Leg Sections: 4
Head: Removable
Weight (inc head): 1.5kg
Max. Load: 2.5kg
Bubble Level: Yes
Quick Release: No
Hook: Yes
Case: Yes

Light weight, easy to carry

Legs can slip if not locked tight enough, prone to flexing at maximum height

What Digital Camera Score: 76%