Review of the Benbo Trekker MkII

Manufacturer: Benbo
Model: Trekker mkII
Price: £134.99 (kit)

Designed specifically for the outdoor photographer, the Benbo Trekker seems to tick all the right boxes, with sealed, spiked legs offering full waterproofing, a remarkable column that can take your camera below ground level and a hook for hanging your kit bag on for added stability.

That said, its unique leg / column locking mechanism takes some getting used to, which is why the Trekker is often seen as the ‘Marmite’ of the tripod world – photographers either love them or hate them, with no middle ground. You can buy the Trekker tripod on its own or as a kit with a basic ball and socket head, with ‘basic’ being the operative word. It does its job with lighter cameras, but there are better heads available elsewhere.

Max. Height: 150cm
Min. Height: 0cm
Folded Length: 84cm
Leg Sections: 2
Head: Removable
Weight (inc head): 2.2kg
Max. Load: 4.0kg
Bubble Level: No
Quick Release: No
Hook: Yes
Case: Yes

Weatherproofing, low weight, invertable column

Basic ball and socket head, locking mechanism not to everyone’s taste

What Digital Camera Score: 84%