Review of the National Geographic NG W2160 Walkabout camera bag

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Model: NG W2160 Walkabout
Price: £140

National Geographic camera bags have something of a Marmite effect on photographers. The soft fabrics and eco-friendly materials are generally popular, but the biggest sticking point with the naysayers seems to be the odd mossy green colour that they come in. Personally I quite like it, but I can see why others donʼt. However, NG has side-stepped the debate with a smart new range of bags that come in what can best be described as school-trouser grey, to appeal to those who like their bags to look more sober. The colour, combined with the distinctive styling and high quality materials, looks very smart indeed.

As usual, National Geographic has chosen soft fabrics for the exterior that are selected for their tactile rather than waterproofing qualities. If the weather gets really bad thereʼs a fold-up rain cover that fits over the bag like a big shower cap.

The main outer flap houses two zip pockets big enough for media cards or the odd filter, but not your hand. Thereʼs also a leather-clad grab handle on the top as an alternative to the padded shoulder strap.

Lift the main flap and thereʼs a second zip-sealed flap covering the main section, which is home to a removable padded insert thatʼs big enough for either a small DSLR and a couple of small lenses or accessories, or a larger DSLR like an EOS 50D. Or you could put your lenses and flashgun in here and a decent-sized body in the space next to it. Finally, two larger pockets on the front complete the storage.

Stylish, well made, comfortable, roomy

Expensive, top pockets hard to get into

Our Verdict:
A stylish and well made camera bag, though a little expensive

What Digital Camera Score: 87%