Review of the National Geographic NG 2477

Manufacturer: National Geographic
Model: NG 2477
Price: £110

With Indiana Jones back in action, the green cotton and hemp styling of the National Geographic range of bags is sure to prove popular – afterall surely Indy would like these. This new large NG 2477 shoulder bag, from the Earth Explorer range, offers voluminous storage and the capacity to hold a 17 inch laptop computer.

The bag is nicely designed, with eight fairly large pockets (not including the large main central compartment) and features designated protective zones that safeguard the delicate equipment within.

I was able to fit a laptop, and two medium/large bodied DSLRs, or one DSLR and several lenses in the main section, with room to spare. The two deep pockets on the outside of the bag can easily accommodate a variety of extras – filters, a compact camera, mobile phone, MP3 player or a wallet – and there are additional pockets in the back and another three in the flap, for anything else you might need to carry.

Other features include a Quick Snap buckle for easy access to your equipment, a wide padded shoulder strap and rear horizontal straps that will accept most trolley handles for carting.

Available at Bogen Imaging.

The NG2477 is an ideal blend of protective and
efficient carrying technology, with a traditional ‘explorer’ look and
feel. And it’s big – there’s room enough to carry anything
you might need – and there are smaller versions available (albeit
without the laptop space). At £110 it’s reasonably expensive but not
excessive for the space provided, as well as for the premium quality of
the design and materials used.

Design, feel of the bag, thoughtful provision of space

Too big for smaller kits and/or photographers

What Digital Camera Score: 86%