Review of the Seculine Action Spirit Level

Manufacturer: Seculine
Model: Action Spirit Level
Price: £30

Spirit levels are a near essential item for some types of photography, such as landscapes and architecture, whether they’re built in to the tripod or fitted to the camera’s hotshoe. It isn’t always that easy to see the little bubble, though, especially if your eyesight isn’t quite 20/20.

Enter the Seculine Action Level. It’s a digital hotshoe spirit level that looks like a tiny toy aeroplane. If you’ve ever successfully negotiated a set of traffic lights you’ll find this easy to use. Switch it on and you get a row of five LEDs. In the middle is a green one. If it’s lit it means you’re level. Either side of that are two amber lights, which mean you’re nearly there. On the outside edges are two red ones and, yes, you’ve guessed what those mean.

Simple Set Up

There’s a simple initial set-up and you can adjust brightness and sensitivity, as well as setting a power-save mode. The Action Level is powered by two CR1220 watch-type batteries, but you get six in the packet.

Although best used in conjunction with a tripod, you can use it when shooting hand-held too, either with live view or by withdrawing your eye an inch or so from the eyepiece, so you can see both the lights and the view through the finder. And of course, those LEDs are visible in the dark, too.

At £30 this digital gizmo is a bit pricey but
you can pay £20 for a normal, ‘analogue’ level – and let’s face it,
bubbles are so last century.

Small, easy to use, easy to see – even at night

More expensive than bubble types

What Digital Camera Score: 90%