Review of the Manfrotto M-Y 7321YB Tripod tripod and support

Manufacturer: Manfrotto
Model: M-Y 7321YB Tripod
Price: £95

Aimed primarily at new photographers using either lightweight DSLRs or bridge cameras, Manfrotto’s all-new M-Y range could also prove a useful investment for anyone looking to pack light for a day in the hills or a longer trip abroad.

There are six tripods in the range in total, along with a solitary monopod. All models are supplied with either a ball head, or as in the case of the 7321YB here, a three-way pan-and-tilt head. In terms of specifications the aluminium-built 7321YB fits into the middle of the range. A four leg-section tripod with leg diameters measuring 22mm, 18mm, 14mm and 10.5mm, the 7321YB extends to a maximum shooting height of 1.42m and can bear a maximum load of 2.5kg. When not in use it folds down to 49cm and weighs just 1.27kg.

Leg locks are quick and easy to operate and each leg can also be set at one of two angles via a simple rotating dial mechanism. With its legs fully splayed the lowest shooting height is 35cm, while the centre column employs a straight on/off locking mechanism that can support 2.5kg perfectly well, but will begin to give if much more downward pressure is applied. The head is fitted with a quick-release plate that is locked and unlocked via a trigger located directly under the plate.

Used with a lightweight DSLR and standard zoom, the 7321YB certainly feels sturdy enough, especially when the 10.5mm leg-section is kept inside the 14mm section. At full extension, however, there is a notable degree of leg-flex – as might be expected with such a lightweight system.

Light weight, ease of use

Flex at max extension

Our Verdict:
Overall, it’s hard to find too much fault with what is essentially a solid piece of engineering for such a lightweight system. At £95 this can be considered fair value, too

What Digital Camera Score: 86%