Review of the Samsung Netbook NC10

Manufacturer: Samsung
Model: Netbook NC10
Price: £299

Netbooks are an ideal for solution for photographers on the move, allowing for the storage and viewing of images, as well as more general tasks such as word processing – and, of course, internet browsing. And it would only have been a matter of time before a major electronic company would decide to crash the netbook party, with Korean giant Samsung joining manufacturers such as Asus and MSI with its NC10 model.

At its heart lies an Intel Atom processor – standard for a machine of this type, and running Windows XP as the operating system. A six-cell battery also promises up to seven hours of battery life, while there’s 1GB of memory on board, a hard drive with a 160GB capacity, and a 10.2in LCD screen whose size equals that of its peers. Size is also a priority for the keyboard, with keys being no smaller than on a standard computer keyboard.

In front of this sits a trackpad and single button, while a memory card slot at the front accepts SD/SDHC and MMC media. Around the side Samsung has generously provided three USB ports, which are also joined by a VGA port and a DC power input. Finally, a 1.3MP camera sits on top of the lid, while wireless LAN connectivity and Bluetooth enable connection to the internet and other devices.

In use, the keyboard poses no hindrance to typing comfortably, though regular keyboard users may need time to adjust to the lack of space around the QWERTY keys and those for direction. The trackpad takes a little more getting used to, particularly as its button lacks visible definition between its left-click and right-click controls.

Battery life, speedy in use

Trackpad button

Our Verdict:
Where it really matters, the NC10 delivers a stellar performance, with its battery living up to its promised time, even exceeding it depending on usage and power management settings. The clarity of the LCD and speedy operation also score points, so overall the NC10 certainly gives its rivals a good run for their money.

What Digital Camera Score: 88%