Review of the Freecom 160GB Hard Drive

Manufacturer: Freecom
Model: 160GB Hard Drive
Price: £50

Whether it’s just for storing your hefty Raw files or for backing up your entire image library, an external hard drive is a portable and affordable solution, but let’s face it, there are many on the market all doing much the same thing. Where Freecom’s Mobile drive stands out, though, is with its sturdy aluminium casing and contemporary design, as well as the promise of speedy operation and little noise.

Available in capacities up to 320GB, the drive is bus powered meaning that it requires no external power source for its operation, though there is a mains socket on the rear panel should you wish to use it. The drive’s capacity is indicated on the other side of the drive, which flashes up to indicate it’s in operation, while four small rubber feet protect the underside while also providing stability.

Contemporary design

No carry case

Our Verdict:
With no cooling fan the unit lives up to its word of low noise, and files are transferred quickly, while the bundled NTI Shadow Backup software is also on hand for automatic backup of files. A minor criticism is that there’s no carry case to protect the unit from scratches and the like when using it on the move.

What Digital Camera Score: 84%