Review of the LensPen Panamatic

Manufacturer: LensPen
Model: Panamatic
Price: £8.99 (+ delivery)

Stitching multiple images together is a great way of creating a high-impact panoramic photograph, and LensPen’s Panamatic bracket will help ensure you get the best possible result. The Panamatic combines a large bubble level at one end and an ‘indexing wheel’ at the other that clicks into place at 30° intervals (from 0-360°). The idea is that you screw the Panamatic to the top of your tripod, attach your camera to the rotating plate, level it using the ‘bubble’ and take your first shot.

You then turn the camera / indexing wheel until it ‘clicks’ into the next position and take your second shot, continuing to turn and shoot until you’ve captured the whole of your sweeping vista. The end result is a sequence of images that are perfectly aligned and overlap slightly so when it comes to piecing them together (using any ‘stitching’ software) you get a seamless panoramic picture. A very useful accessory and, given the price, it’s hard to find fault.

What Digital Camera Score: 87%