Review of the Quik Pod

Manufacturer: Quik Pod
Price: £17.99

Billed as the ‘world’s first extendable hand-held tripod’ (despite having only one leg) the Quik Pod means you don’t have to stretch your arm to take holiday-style self-portraits in front of famous landmarks or ask total strangers to take your snaps for you. Instead, you attach your camera to the Quik Pod, set your self-timer and extend the telescopic arm to get a more natural-looking result. In use, the Quik Pod works well with lightweight compacts and you also get a mini tripod to convert it into a freestanding tripod for greater versatility. However, the plastic construction doesn’t inspire confidence with heavier cameras, and the tiny mirror designed to help with framing is so small that it’s pointless.

Overall, an interesting idea, but not a kit-bag essential and a touch pricey given the build quality.

If your camera is light enogh and you take lots of self portraits then it might be handy, otherwise probably not.


Allows you to take more natural looking self-portaits

Plastoic construction makes it feel somewhat under-engineered

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