Review of the Calumet CK6143

Manufacturer: Calumet
Model: CK6143
Price: £19.95

The price of this kit may look like a misprint when you consider you’re getting the tripod legs, the head, a carry bag and a three-year warranty, but believe it or not the Calumet CK6143 really will give you change from £20. The legs aren’t the most refined, but the all-metal construction looks and feels durable and the ‘pod will easily cope with a heavyweight DSLR up top. It might be slightly too weighty for carrying long distances and it doesn’t go that low, but at this price you simply can’t go wrong.

The three-way head is an all-metal affair with a quick-release plate and a built-in bubble level. Like the legs the build is ‘utilitarian’ (but tough) and the head action is surprisingly smooth.

Max. Height: 165cm
Min. Height: 72cm
Folded Length: 72cm
Leg Sections: 3
Head: Removable
Weight (inc head): 3.1kg
Max. Load: 5.0kg
Bubble Level: Yes (on head)
Quick Release: Yes
Hook: No
Case: Yes

Price, all-metal construction feels durable enough,built-in spirit level

Heavy, not particularly refined

What Digital Camera Score: 88%