Review of the Lastolite Cubelite Light Tent

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: Cubelite Light Tent
Price: £78.50

Lastolite has vast experience in the pop-up arena, and this model reflects that expertise with a good solid steel rim and excellent fabric tautness that gives a good clean background.

The Cubelite is available in a variety of sizes right up to the size of a person, and is available in a variety of kits that includes light and reflectors.

The front is detachable and has a zip for shooting highly reflective subjects, while the base is open to allow you to position the tent over static objects. Or you could flip the tent and use one of its walls as the base, with the open base as the shooting hole.

Solid and clean system with plenty of options for shooting

Variety of sizes available plus different accessory options


What Digital Camera Score: 85%