Review of the Interfit Pop Up Light Tent

Manufacturer: Interfit
Model: Pop Up Light Tent
Price: £40

The Interfit tent is one of a number of designs that are available from the company.

This particular version is in a pop-up form which makes it easy to collapse when not in use and also easy to store.

With a solid build and taut fabric walls, the light tent offers a good solution at a decent price.

It has a removable front with zip for poking your lens into the tent, but has no detachable top like the EZCube has.

However, it does have a blue background skirt included, if you want an option other than the standard white, although we’d recommend ironing it before you shoot.

The only gripe was that the tent is quite difficult to fold down.

Solid and easy to use, the Interfit light tent range offers great value for money

Easy to store and blue background skirt included

No detachable top and hard to fold down

What Digital Camera Score: 85%