Review of the Kodak EasyShare SV 710

Manufacturer: Kodak
Model: EasyShare SV 710
Price: £100

With its matt black frame and gloss black interior ‘mount’, Kodak’s EasyShare SV710 won’t look out of place in any room, although the plastic construction is at the lower end of the build quality scale.

Card slots on the rear accept CF and SD media, as well as xD, with the option to play image slideshows directly from your camera with a choice of wipes and fades between pictures. As there’s no internal memory, images can’t be permanently stored in the frame, but this is a minor point.

Like the card slots, the controls for the frame are also on the back, which would be fiddly were it not for the included remote control which makes navigating the menus straightforward. In true EasyShare fashion ‘simplicity’ is the key to the interface, making it incredibly easy to set up a slideshow.

However, the screen resolution is a little low, leading to slightly ‘blocky’ pictures when you get up close, and the viewing angle could be better. When it’s horizontal the display ‘blacks out’ quite quickly when it’s viewed from slightly below, or from the right when you turn the frame to portrait format.

Screen Size: 7in diagonal (16:9 ratio)
Resolution: 480 x 234 pixels
Internal Memory: no
Card slots: CF / SD / xD
Picture format: JPEG
Movie format: MPEG (1&4) / MOV / AVI
Music format: MP3
Wall mountable: Yes
Free-standing: Yes
Remote control: Yes
Power: Mains only

It’s not overly expensive, but nor is it overly impressive.

Price, Multimedia capabilities

Low-resolution screen, Narrow viewing angle

What Digital Camera Score: 77%