Travel Photographer of the Year competition winners travel the world for this book

Title: Journey Two: Travel Photographer of the Year

Author: Chris Coe, Karen Coe

ISBN: 095493962X

Publisher: Travel Photographer of the Year

Edition: Hardback

Review: Journey Two takes readers around the world through the eyes of some of the talented photographers who enter the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year competition. A sequel to Journey One, this book features the very best images from the TPOTY 2005 and 2006 competitions, with all the winning images and a selection of others chosen by the contest’s judging panel.

It’s a solid, large-format 164-page hardback that offers an amazing visual feast. The images – covering subjects as diverse as a portrait of a London bobby to the windblown sand patterns captured in the Namib desert – are displayed as portfolios, with brief captions offering subject and location details. Whether bought as a gift for a travel lover or as inspiration for a keen photographer, Journey Two should be an essential addition to your bookshelf.