Photos and advice from contributors of the UK's leading web photography magazine

Title: EPHOTOzine Guide to Great Photography: Essential Reference Manual for Film and Digital Camera Owners

Author: Peter Bargh

ISBN: 095517600X

Publisher: Magezine Publishing Ltd

Edition: Paperback

Review: EPhotozine is the UK’s leading web-only photo magazine. Although it features all the content you’d expect (forums, reviews, news etc) the highlight for me is the galleries. Some of its members are outstanding photographers – check out the Editor’s Choice link to see some examples. So with all this stunning work at his disposal, Editor Pete Bargh has decided to put some of it into a book, accompanied by lots of technique tips and advice, often from the photographers themselves.

Divided into subject-based sections (portraits, landscapes etc) each one features a mix of shooting and photoshop tips, photographer profiles and top tips, all accompanied by outstanding (amateur) photos. The result is a triumph. If it has a fault it’s that, spoilt for choice, Pete has tried to cram perhaps too many pictures into its 224 pages, rather than going for fewer pics but using them bigger, but at least you can’t accuse it of being short on inspiration. As a visual buffet and source of advice this book is hard to beat and is highly recommended.