Review of the Jobo PDC700 digital photo frame

Manufacturer: Jobo
Model: PDC700 Digital Photo Frame
Price: £120

Digital photo frames are becoming increasingly popular but in our experience you have to spend upwards of £150 to get a decent one. The numerous sub-£70 offerings may have lots of features but that’s only to distract attention from the lousy picture quality. Enter Jobo, best known for its portable hard drives, with two new mid-priced offerings.

This is the cheaper of the two, with the PDC701 costing around £20 more. Both models feature a 7in, 720×480 pixel LCD display within a clear acrylic and brushed silver mount, with card slots for all major media formats and an array of other functions. These include the inevitable slide show options, plus features like a calendar and alarm clock – all accessed via a user interface, that’s intuitive enough to figure out without recourse to the manual. The PDC701 additionally offers 1GB of internal storage and also a battery for mobile use. But all this is irrelevant if the image quality doesn’t cut the mustard. Thankfully, it does. Pictures are sharp and clear, with good shadow detail and natural colours. Overall the PDC700 is at least as good as models costing £50 more, making it our new favourite photo frame.

Good image quality at this price.

Price, image quality, good angle viewing

Not much

What Digital Camera Score: 90%