Review of the i-Mate Momento 100

Manufacturer: i-Mate
Model: Momento 100
Price: £199

i-Mate’s Momento 100 boasts a white surround and a clear Perspex outer frame that adds a stylish modern touch. The menu system is just as easy on the eye, but a lack of external controls means you have to use the remote control – so don’t lose it! Memory card slots support a range of media, but CompactFlash isn’t supported, even though now-defunct SmartMedia cards are. You can also use other external USB devices as your picture source.

The real beauty of this model, however, is its WiFi compatibility, allowing Windows Vista or XP users to display images from their computer. You can even stream them from online sources with the Momento Live service, though after an initial three-month free trial there’s a £20 per month subscription fee, if you want to keep using it.

The viewing angle for the 10in screen isn’t the greatest, with a noticeable darkening of the screen image as you move to any one side, but it’s by no means bad and images are bright, if a little soft-edged.

Screen size: 10.2in diagonal (16:9 ratio)
Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Internal memory: No
Card slots: MS / SD/ SM/ xD
Picture format: JPEG
Movie format: WMA
Music format: MP3
Wall mountable: no
Free-standing: Yes
Remote control: Yes
Power: Mains only

WiFi compatibility adds an extra twist to the standard digital photo frame repertoire.

Stylish modern appearance, WiFi functionality

WiFi is Windows only, no external controls, narrow viewing angle

What Digital Camera Score: 82%