Review of the Hahnel HWC 433 transmitter and receiver

Manufacturer: Hahnel
Model: HWC 433
Price: £50

Using a device to remotely trigger your camera shutter has long been a favourite trick of photographers, but whereas in the beginning a cable was needed to attach the camera to the remote device, now wireless is king.

As a successor to the HRC 280 remote release (which used a cable), the HWC 433 is made up of two components – a transmitter and receiver – with two plugs included that allows it to be compatible with both professional and consumer cameras.

To use the remote device, the user must select one of four available channels – there are this number of frequencies to hopefully avoid any conflict with other remote devices. You obviously have to select the same channel on the transmitter and the receiver. On slightly depressing the button on the transmitter, the camera will then focus (indicated by a green light on the transmitter) while a full press fires the shutter release.

Because the HWC 433 operates on radio frequencies rather than infrared you can reputedly fire it from 30 metres. However, we had problems firing it beyond 10 metres – a good distance nevertheless.

Didn’t live up to the 30m operating distance, but is a good piece of kit nevertheless

Wireless, sturdy

Didn’t fire beyond 10m

What Digital Camera Score: 81%