Review of the Gitzo GH1780 tripod ball head

Manufacturer: Gitzo
Model: GH1780
Price: £130
Weight: 300g
Max load: 10000g

Surely the Rolls Royce of ball heads, the GH1780 is light as a feather (well, a 300gram feather) yet boasts a high 10kg load capacity. This is thanks to its hollow, extra-large high-friction ball which, combined with a low centre of gravity and a giant, spring assisted double-locking wheel, ensures a vice-like grip. A separate lock allows for panoramic movement, and a degree scale is provided around the base.

In use the head is beautifully smooth and refined and the giant knob locks the ball into position effortlessly and with minimal drift – which means that, unlike cheaper heads, it won’t move at all when you let go of the camera (great for tightly framed shots using long lenses, for example).

Also available is the GH1780QR which adds a double-locking quick release plate – a must in our view for the time it saves – available for £180

What Digital Camera Score: 87%