Review of the Giottos Pro Optical Glass Screen Protector

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: Pro Optical Glass Screen Protector
Price: £18

Most LCD protectors fall into two main categories: the plastic stick-on sheet or the flip-up housing. Stick-on sheets can be prone to peeling off and bubbling, while LCD hoods, though good, add bulk and can be cumbersome. This product aims to rectify all these faults. The Giotto AEGIS Glass Screen Protectors protect the screen with high-quality Schott German glass while preserving the optical properties of the LCD’s display. The 12-layered coating and glass protection is only 0.5mm thick and protects the screen from impact, chemical damage and scratches. It attaches via a thin layer of double-sided tape to prevent air bubbles under the glass and makes it easy to replace if it gets damaged.

A neat solution to protecting your LCD screen without affecting its clarity.

Easy to attach, very tough

Not much at all really

What Digital Camera Score: 90%