Review of the Lastolite Collapsible Velvet Background

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: Collapsible Velvet Background
Price: £110

Home studios are a great idea, but many of us are limited in space and haven’t the room for background poles and Colorama paper backgrounds.

However the 5×6 foot Lastolite black velvet background is the ideal solution, allowing a quick and easy background that can stand against a wall and easily be folded away when not in use.

Like other Lastolite products, such as its range of reflectors and other backgrounds, the black velvet background uses a flexible steel hoop around the edge to provide rigidity when opened and folds down using a double twist movement for carriage and storage.

The black velvet provides a deep, rich black thanks to the fabric’s light-absorbing qualities, while the steel hoop provides enough torque to keep the fabric crease-free.

Around the rim are fabric ties that can be attached to poles – especially useful if you want to shoot outdoors when it could be stabilised by tying it to a tree or post in windy conditions – but the background can just as easily be propped against a wall. It’s a little small for full-length portraits but seated and three-quarter-length portraits are achievable. It could even be used as a backdrop to a still-life.

Overall this is a useful accessory for home and location portraits and just works. It’s fun watching the uninitiated trying to collapse it.

Excellent light absorbence, foldaway design, portable

Can be tricky to collapse

What Digital Camera Score: 90%