Review of the Kata DR-465 Digital Rucksack

Manufacturer: Kata
Model: DR-465 Digital Rucksack
Price: £55

This year Kata introduced the new Digital Photo Series (DPS) and with it a number of quality bags that combine protection with the most up-to-date bag technology.

The DR-465 Digital Rucksack is one of the range.

This launch is ideal for the photographer who wants to go out for a day’s shooting, bringing a laptop and carrying extra kit to cater for a variety of shots. There is also ample space in the top compartment for a couple of items of protective clothing should the weather turn.

What immediately struck me was how comfortable the bag was to carry, its additional straps ensuring a firm hold on the body, but not causing any overbalancing.

The main camera compartment can hold two DSLRs with mounted lenses, as well as four other lenses, and a flash unit. The top compartment can store personal gear, and there are a couple of useful zipped pockets for storing memory cards, wallets etc.

What I did find additionally beneficial was the concealed front/middle compartment that conceals a zip and offers the user a chance to keep something hidden away. In a world where thieves are brazen enough to try to steal things from zipped pockets on the back of such rucksacks, this secret compartment can give a new level of security.

By removing the padded bottom camera insert, you can easily convert this rucksack from a camera bag to a daypack when not shooting. As well as the option to carry a tripod, the DR-465 has a rain cover too.

Ideal for a photo day-trip, this bag has room for your kit as well as wet weather gear so you can snap away but also be ready for the clouds to come in

Secret compartment at front

Straps sometimes need re-tightening

What Digital Camera Score: 89%