Review of the Giottos MT-9242 Tripod

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: MT-9242 Tripod
Price: £85

The Giottos MT-9242 is a medium-weight aluminium tripod, with a maximum load of 3kg. Its black and silver fleck finish is complemented by foam rubber sleeves, while eight layers of carbon fibre inside the legs work to improve rigidity and absorb vibration.

There’s no doubt that the tripod feels solid, and though the finish may not be to everyone’s taste, it does seem to offer additional protection from knocks or scratches. Traditionalists may prefer clasp locks to the twistable kind featured here, but for the money it’s good, with the tripod’s free shoulder strap, bag and tools making it all the more better value.

Solid feel, good weight

Finish, screw locks

What Digital Camera Score: 82%