Review of the Interfit Lightpodrn

Manufacturer: Interfit
Model: Lightpod
Price: £50

The Lightpod is a mini-studio for static objects.

Smaller than a light tent, it is ideal for shooting objects such as jewellery, watches or other diminutive subjects. A larger version is also available for other, er… larger, objects.

Made from a tough, opaque plastic, the unit is zipped together, can be folded flat and rolled for storage. Three holes along the front and top panels allow different positions for the camera lens, and also to adjust the position of the subject.

Tungsten or small flash units can be placed at the sides, while the plastic sides diffuse the light to provide nice even lighting across the subject, reducing glare and shadows.

The Lightpod is robust and durable and does a remarkably good job of simplifying what are often tricky lighting jobs, namely small shiny objects.

If you collect or sell watches, coins, bottles or whatever, the Lightpod is worth considering.

Great for small objects, durable

Not much

What Digital Camera Score: 85%