Review of the Giottos Monopod MM 9560

Manufacturer: Giottos
Model: Monopod MM 9560
Price: £50

If you’re a photographer on the move, a monopod is a must-have accessory. Sturdy and quick to set up, a monopod is a very popular piece of kit for sports and travel photographers alike. And the Giottos MM9560 fits its category well.

Made primarily from aluminium alloy, the all-metal construction gives a feeling of solidity and confidence, and with an anodised surface, it stands up well to the rigours of use. With a weight of 870g, it’s easy to carry around, and comes with a sizeable foam grip and handy strap. The two-way tilt head allows the movement of 180°, with the full 90° movement ideal for changing between landscape and portrait.

The keyword, as with any monopod and tripod, is quick release, and the integral quick- release tilt head allows instant attachment and release of the camera body, while a locking knob controls the tilt movement.

At the base of the monopod is a versatile rubber foot. Not only does this give firm ground support, it allows for a good element of tilt also. Its folded length of 54cm also makes it very convenient to carry.

Solidity, protective coating

Fairly expensive for a monopod, but worth it

What Digital Camera Score: 85%