Review of the Lastolite EzyBox Hotshoe

Manufacturer: Lastolite
Model: EzyBox Hotshoe
Price: £165

The Ezybox is a mini softbox, designed to replicate the effect of a studio light and softbox, on a smaller scale. You can attach it to a flash on a camera bracket, or, more usefully, you can fit it to a lighting stand for use off-camera via the wireless flash function on many DSLRs. This allows it to be to one side of the camera, and/or the subject.

Being a pop-up unit, it collapses flat for easy carriage. It’s very well made, with taut fabric and clean silver reflectors inside and a bright white diffuser cover. It works better with more powerful flashguns, but the light quality is very good and increases the spread from the flash, as well as providing pleasant diffusion for flattering portraits and small tabletop still-life work.

A handy portraiture tool that turns harsh flash into soft, diffused light.

Well made, very versatile


What Digital Camera Score: 85%