Review of the Etre Touchy

Manufacturer: Etre
Model: Touchy
Price: £15

Chances are that if you like getting out and trying to capture the glorious vistas winter weather provides, you’re all too familiar with the perils of cold fingers. After all, your nice warm gloves are unlikely to be the most practical for operating a camera, so it’s a case of either struggling in the warmth or getting by in the cold.

Happily, technology company Etre has a new brand of ‘Touchy’ gloves. At first glance the mitts look like any other pair of woolly winter warmers. But closer inspection reveals that Etre has done away with material on thumb and forefinger from the middle up. So while the rest of your hand is shielded from the elements, your operative digits are free to do the hard graft.

Innovative design, comfortable

Exposed areas get cold!

Our Verdict:
It’s fair to say that it would probably be cheaper to buy a lesser-quality pair and just cut off said glove digits, but the Etre Touchy’s are very well made, extremely cosy, and are hardly going to break the bank.

What Digital Camera Score: 89%